Habits where steps become income

Quick and easy pedometer investment
Healthcare and investment in 1 queue. A ultimate M2E (MoveToEarn) pedometer that collects your steps into crypto!

Walk, Collect, and Use Anywhere, Anytime!


Step 1. Just Walk!

Users can earn crypto just by walking in WalkMining.


Step 2. Click on the mineral box to collect crypto!

1 click on the mineral box consumes 100 Energy and 500 Energy is recharged every hour.


Step 3. Shop on Reward Shop and play mini-games!

Shop gifticon, Play games, with collected crypto!

Shop gifticon, Play games, with collected crypto!

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Mini Games

Play exciting mini-games and earn coins with your steps! Check the rankings to see how your friends are doing!

Attendance Check

Earn crypto by checking in once a day. Keep up the streak for bonus coins!

Invite Friend

Share your invitation code with friends and earn extra crypto based on the number of friends you invite.

Use your collected crypto for shopping and even more, crypto investment is available!

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Reward Shop

Shop for eGiftcard, moreover, crypto products! Solve your shopping needs and crypto investments in one place!

WalkMining Explorer

The Explorer is provided to check the whole WalkMining Ecosystem.
WalkMining Explorer leads to transparency in the business. Real-time total mining rankings, Top miners of a day and a week can be seen at a glance on explorer.
WalkMining ExplorerView Explorer
WalkMining Explorer

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